Is the IMEEC (India Middle-East Europe Economic Corridor) project better than the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) project?

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If you look carefully, you will realize that the world is clearly divided into two groups at the moment. Perhaps the current chaos in the world is a victim of this tug-of-war. Perhaps the ship of our beloved country Pakistan is also stuck in this vortex. These big projects are the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and India Middle-East Europe Economic Corridor  (IMEEC)

BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) One Belt & One Road:

BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) is basically a project of China that started in 2013 and is the biggest project in the world so far in which 124 countries of the world have become associates and signed an agreement with China. The project is worth about $1 trillion to $8 trillion. The BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) project has 6 corridors and is divided into 2 parts.

  1. Economic Belt (Land Area)
  2. Maritime Silk Road (Sea Area)

 BRI Corridors:

  • China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor
  • China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor
  • Eurasia Land Bridge Economic Corridor
  • CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor)
  • Bangladesh-India Myanmar Economic Corridor
  • China-Indochina Economic Corridor

One of these 6 corridors of the (Belt and Road Initiative) BRI is (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) CPEC i.e. China Pakistan Economic Corridor, this corridor project is the flagship project of the (Belt and Road Initiative) BRI and CPEC is the backbone of the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) project.

India Middle-East Europe Economic Corridor (IMEEC):

The IMEEC (India Middle-East Europe Economic Corridor) project has been launched on 10 September 2023 at the G20 Summit in India. The founders include India, America, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), European Union, France, Germany and Italy. 20 countries participated in the SG20 Summit and now it is considered as the counter route of BRI. is being given which in my opinion is completely false propaganda.

Comparison (BRI With IMEEC):

(Belt and Road Initiative) BRI is definitely a bigger project than IMEEC (India Middle-East Europe Economic Corridor) in my personal opinion. The IMEEC (India Middle-East Europe Economic Corridor) has been launched only to counter the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) and is nothing but a failed attempt by the US to establish its hegemony in the region through India.
Till now more than 124 countries of the world have associated and signed agreements with BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) and this project is associated with more than 62% of the world’s population and also commands 75% of the world’s energy resources. is or links to or is associated with them.

(Belt and Road Initiative) BRI is focusing on 3 areas:

1- International Trade

2- Infrastructural Development

3- Financial Investment

On the contrary, there are only 20 countries in the IMEEC (India Middle-East Europe Economic Corridor). The countries are neither connected nor able to take any advantage. Many countries have also joined due to the pressure of America.

There are 6 corridors under the BRI which will bring an industrial revolution to the whole world, especially in Western and Eastern Asia, as well as in Central Asia. The areas that are connected to the economic belt will benefit China, but it will be very fast. There will also be an industrial revolution in this country and there will be industrialization on a large scale and trade will increase, business will increase and unemployment will end very quickly. On the other hand, iMac is only a corridor that has already failed due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This project was also not successful because it is impossible to load and unload the same goods from India to Greece from 6 places and similar and many other such failures can be described.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor:

This is the century of Asia and Gwadar is the gateway to Asia’s development. Gwadar is a reality Gwadar is a reality. If you look carefully, almost all the major projects are being built from Kashgar to Gwadar. Gwadar is the hub of Pakistan’s motorways, Pakistan’s railways, and Pakistan’s largest airport. If Pakistan talks about foreign investment, first of all, it starts with CPEC, and the center of CPEC is Gwadar. Therefore, no one can deny the importance of Gwadar.

All the big projects that have been built or are under development in Pakistan, for example, all the motorways built in Pakistan or ML1 are being built under CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). And there are many different projects like this.

As I am a property consultant in Gwadar I have to tell you what Gwadar is, where to buy property in Gwadar, and why it is important to buy property in Gwadar today because the coming time is Gwadar inshallah.

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